Enhance your advice delivery and grow your business by putting a digital investment experience in your customer's hands.

With Digital Advisor from Advisor Software you can:

Easily onboard new accounts.

Acquire new customers directly through your existing website via our cloud-hosted investment proposal and account opening app.

Customize your client experience.

Private label your Digital Advisor with your own branding. Use your own capital market assumptions. Define your own model portfolios, risk profile, and rebalancing rules.

Streamline business operations.

The perfect solution for clients with any account size – with Digital Advisor you can onboard and serve your clients' accounts with minimal overhead.

Enhance current client engagement.

Digital Advisor offers a comprehensive digital advice experience that your investors can access anywhere in the world, across any device.

Appeal to traditional and tech-savvy investors alike.

Digital Advisor was built with all investors in mind – highly interactive, visually dynamic, and mobile responsive.

Robo Advisor Mobile Tablet and Desktop

Digital Advisor updated with new features, integrations!

Our robo-advisor platform helps advisors, banks, credit unions, and independent broker-dealers deepen client relationships and increase revenue, all while servicing accounts of all sizes. 

New for 2018:

  • Calendly Integration: Clients can schedule a meeting their advisor by clicking a link in the InvestorView sidebar
  • Notifications: Advisors can send messages to cleints, with attachements, right within the app
  • Integration with Zendesk, Hubspot, Salesforce Classic and FSC, and others
  • Advanced Advisor Dashboards showing total held-away assets, AUM growth, and more
  • Enhanced goal view including Education and Retirement goals
  • Progressive Risk Score Gauge (optional)
  • Support for more account types, including: Individual Brokerage, Joint Brokerage, Traditional IRA, Roth IRA, SEP IRA, Rollover IRA, 401K Rollover

ASI White-Labeled Solution Features:

Four integrated apps give one seamless client experience.

  • Fully-automated web-based client acquisition app
  • Quick client profiling, model mapping and online acquisition marketing
  • Host your own questionnaires, models and scoring rules remotely – and map visitors to the appropriate model
  • E-sign new accounts using your existing account-opening process
  • Easy to deploy on any existing website - Give clients anywhere, anytime access
  • Display balance, holdings & transaction detail across multiple accounts
  • Show model portfolio details
  • Aggregate held-away accounts for a comprehensive "Net Worth" view
  • Analyze portfolios across asset allocation, style, sector, geo and more
  • Configure for goal exploration and goal-based investment portfolios
  • Customize your own rebalancing rules and constraints – either for individual accounts or across all accounts
  • Automated trade list generation – route for manual review or into an OMS
  • Unlimited number of accounts and model portfolios
  • Utilize your own Capital Market Assumptions or use ours
  • Implement your own branding & compliance mandatories
  • Deliver account documents directly through the user interface

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