Enhance your advice delivery and grow your business by putting a digital investment experience in your customer's hands.

With Digital Advisor from Advisor Software you can:

Easily onboard new accounts.

Acquire new customers directly through your existing website via our cloud-hosted automated investment proposal and account opening app.

Customize your client experience.

Incorporate your own branding. Configure as either risk- or goal-based. Use your own capital market assumptions. Define your own model portfolios, risk profile, and rebalancing rules.

Streamline business operations.

The perfect solution for your clients with any account size – with Digital Advisor you can onboard and serve your clients' accounts with minimal overhead.

Service current clients.

Digital Advisor offers a comprehensive digital advice experience that your investors can access anywhere in the world, across any device.

Appeal to tech-savvy investors.

Digital Advisor was built with tech-savvy investors in mind – highly interactive, visually dynamic, and mobile responsive.

ASI White-Labeled Solution Features:

Four integrated apps give one seamless client experience.

  • Fully-automated web-based client acquisition app
  • Quick client profiling, model mapping and online acquisition marketing
  • Host your own questionnaires, models and scoring rules remotely – and map visitors to the appropriate model
  • E-sign new accounts using your existing account-opening process
  • Easy to deploy on any existing website Give clients anywhere, anytime access
  • Display balance, holdings & transaction detail across multiple accounts
  • Show model portfolio details
  • Aggregate held-away accounts for a comprehensive "Net Worth" view
  • Analyze portfolios across asset allocation, style, sector, geo and more
  • Configure for goal exploration and goal-based investment portfolios
  • Customize your own rebalancing rules and constraints – either for individual accounts or across all accounts
  • Automated trade list generation – route for manual review or into an OMS
  • Unlimited number of accounts and model portfolios
  • Utilize your own Capital Market Assumptions or use ours
  • Implement your own branding & compliance mandatories
  • Deliver account documents directly through the user interface

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