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The Quick Financial Planning App

goalgamiPro is the best Financial Planning software solution for financial advisors with too little time on their hands. With goalgamiPro, you can create complete goal-based financial plans and generate professional reports for your clients in 10 minutes or less.


Strengthen Relationships

goalgamiPro allows advisors to evaluate each clients’ situation from the perspective that matters most to them - achieving their goals.

The result is a compelling conversation that will improve existing relationships and help engage with prospects. Clients can engage directly with goalgamiPro by entering their goals into a plan by using Collaboration Connect, an online interactive web portal - saving advisors the work and allowing the client to participate in the planning process. Advisors have the ability to quickly illustrate different plans, so in one meeting advisors can articulate what may happen in different scenarios.

goalgamiPro goal-based financial planning software



Client Focused Reports

goalgamiPro's unique report is structured around answering the client's three most common questions:

  • What is my plan?
  • Can I afford my goals?
  • How do I pay for my retirement?

The report allows advisors to answer each question with separate, easy to understand, one-page reports.


Household Balance Sheet

goalgamiPro is a quick and flexible solution to providing insightful advice. The Household Balance Sheet is an effective way to capture a snapshot of the entire financial picture of the household, and provides an initial diagnosis of the affordability of a client’s goal plan. The Household Balance Sheet also allows the advisor to have a discussion with clients regarding priority levels within goals. goalgamiPro also has a cash flow analysis to help advisors understand how clients can pay for retirement and other important goals.

Customer service

One-on-One Training & Support


Advisor Software offers personalized training for all users. Our Advisor Support team will make absolutely certain to work with advisors to ensure satisfaction.


Import account data

goalgamiPro offers you the capability to seamlessly update your accounts from various platforms. We also have a simple template for you to use to import from Excel.


Answer your client’s most important questions

Can I pay for retirement? Will I be able to afford the sports car I have been dreaming of? These are questions the goalgamiPro’s Cashflow analysis will answer. By analyzing your clients goals and resources, we can help your client understand how goals can or cannot be funded when the time comes. Understand what actions to take today in order for your clients to enjoy their lifetime goals.

Collaboration Connect

For Improved Advisor Efficiency

Collaboration Connect is a secure web site that allows clients to develop their own financial goal plan in a fun and interactive way. Once completed, clients share their plan with their advisor for discussion and recommendations.

Collaboration Connect streamlines an advisor’s workflow by allowing their clients to add or edit specific goals on their own time. Because of the wide variety of potential life scenarios that can impact each client, multiple categories are presented within Collaboration Connect to allow clients to personalize each goal.