Senior Software Engineer: DevOps & Cloud Infrastructure

Reports to: Vice President, Sales

Head of DevOps and Engineering

What will you do:

About You

You have a wealth of experience to draw from, with a background in building scalable and maintainable cloud software infrastructure. At work, you are energized by delivering tools and systems that make engineering more impactful. You relentlessly identify opportunities to automate manual or hard to maintain processes. You love to build new systems just as much as you love adapting existing technologies to solve new problems. 

What You'll Do

  • Work with engineering teams to assess and document their cloud-related needs through in-person conversations and written, technical designs and documentation
  • Provide expert cloud infrastructure design consultation to the rest of the engineering staff
  • Help us craft a long-term vision for our cloud infrastructure and help us migrate to it.
  • Identify opportunities to reduce costs and improve API and application performance
  • Be available to respond to incidents
  • Contribute to monitoring, stability, and security of existing tools
  • Identify gaps in the organization, relating to tooling, processes, or resources, and help engineering devise plans to address them

What We're Looking For

  • Over 5 years of architectural experience in a DevOps or Cloud Infrastructure Engineering Role
  • Expertise in developing infrastructure for enterprise web applications and APIs on AWS
  • Expertise working with containerized applications (e.g Docker and/or AWS ECS)
  • Experience with serverless tools (e.g. serverless-framework, AWS lambda) and their pros/cons
  • Good understanding of cloud-based security best practices. 
  • Experience with Java, Node.js, Postgres, Python, Tomcat, Docker, 
  • Ability to work as an individual contributor of a development team as well as lead, manage, and deliver specified projects
  • Knowledge of CS fundamentals
  • Knowledge of finance and investing is a plus


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