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Join our seasoned industry experts, innovators and collaborators. We're relentlessly focused on driving results. Our workplace is fast-paced, as we’re constantly evolving to meet the needs of the FinTech industry and the clients we serve. You’ll have an opportunity to make an immediate impact.

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Photo of Alana
"Finding the right tools for our clients to help them manage and grow their business is my passion. I'm all about creating lasting partnerships with our clients, because when they succeed, ASI succeeds."

          - Alana, Sales & customer Engagement Team

"The opportunity to collaborate with a room full of smart people pushes me to do great work."
                                                  - Zain, EngineerING TEAM
Photo of Zain
Photo of Gita
"Balancing my career and young family is a big task. ASI provides work-life balance; I can follow my ambition of bringing financial planning to our clients and remain energized as a mom."
                - Gita, CFP®, Product Development Team
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Competitive Pay and Benefits

We offer a fantastic remuneration package which is very competitive. Your salary will be reviewed at your 3- and 6-month anniversary, and then annually thereafter.

Profit Share & Bonuses

The company is privately owned partly by top-tier investment firms Francisco Partners and Sequoia Capital, and partly by the Employee Benefit Trust (EBT), which provides a performance related bonus plan, equitably rewarding employees for their contribution and encouraging long-term commitment. In addition, the company operates an employee share plan which further provides ownership incentives to our people.

Other Benefits

In addition, all employees receive the following benefits package, which is a combination of what you would expect from a modern, well-managed organization - along with one or two specials of our own.

  • 401k/Retirement - We provide excellent savings plans and retirement benefits (10% of salary contributed by the company into your retirement fund), short and long-term disability insurance, private medical and dental schemes.

  • Vacation - In addition to all public holidays, employees receive three weeks’ paid holiday in the first year of employment, increasing to four weeks in your second and subsequent years.

  • Special stuff - We have fun team-building and office morale events with a very generous budget. Activities can range from a simple night out at a local hot spot, to more organized events like bowling, cooking classes, hiking, rafting and camping trips, mini grand prix racing, and tons of other things we haven't even thought of yet! Maybe you have some ideas?

Just a Few of Our Perks...

  • Intelligent and creative coworkers
  • Casual dress
  • Competitive time off policies including paid holidays and your choice of floating holidays
  • Stocked kitchens with unlimited snacks
  • Flexible Spending Account (FSA)
  • Onsite gym
  • Top notch medical, dental, vision, life insurance & disability coverage
  • 401(k ) Retirement Plan
  • Tuition Reimbursement Plan
  • ASI headquarters is adjacent to BART and very accessible to all areas of the Bay Area
  • Fun Day outings with the team

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